Yao-Win Peter Hong (洪樂文)
  • 03-5742440 or campus ext.42440
Research Interests:
  • Physical Layer Security
  • Energy-Harvesting Communications
  • Cooperative Communications
  • Wireless Sensor Networks
  • PHY-MAC Cross-Layer Designs for Wireless Networks
  • Multiuser Information Theory

PhD Student

Yi-Jen Yang (楊翊蓁)
Research Interests:
  • Sensor caching
  • Compressive sensing
Kai-Chieh Hsu (許凱傑)
Research Interests:
  • Communication issues in federated
  • UAV model gathering
  • Over-the-air computation
Yi-Jia Guo (郭一嘉)
Research Interests:
  •  Physical layer authentication

Master Student

Yu-Yang Hsieh (謝予揚)
Research Interests:
  • Intregrated sensing and
     communication (ISAC)
  • Artificial Neural Network
Ying-Chen Li (黎映辰)
Research Interests:
  • Machine learning for wireless
Wei-Chun Chen (陳緯峻) 
Research Interests:
  • Multi-beam satellite beamforming
     and beam-hopping 
Jun-Yang Chen (陳俊仰) 
Research Interests:
Zong-Jin Yang (楊宗晉)
Research Interests:
Jen-Hao Chen (陳人豪)
Research Interests:


Postdoctoral Researcher

Name : Pei-Che (Jay) Chang (張培哲)
Current Affiliation : 瑞昱 -> 聯發科

Name : Yung-Shun Wang (王永順)
Current Affiliation : (未公開)

Name : Shih-Chun Lin (林士駿)
Current Affiliation : 國立台灣科技大學 電子工程系 -> 國立台灣大學電機工程學系


PhD 2022

Name : Pradeep Chennakesavula (帕迪)
Current Affiliation : (未公開)
Thesis : Caching Policies for Distributed Parameter Estimation in Wireless Sensor Networks

PhD 2019

Name : Yung-Shun Wang (王永順)
Current Affiliation : (未公開)
Thesis : Dynamic Multi-Antenna Techniques for Cellular and Device-to-Device Wireless Communication Systems

PhD 2016

Current Affiliation : 瑞昱 -> 台大博士後
Thesis : Physical Layer Secrecy in Multiple-Input Multiple-Output Wireless Systems with No A Priori Channel State Information

PhD 2015

Name : Teng-Cheng Hsu (許登程)
Current Affiliation : 台積電
Thesis : Sensor Deployment and Wireless Power Transfer Policies for Distributed Estimation in Energy Harvesting Wireless Sensor Networks

PhD 2013

Name : Shu-Hsien Wang (王淑賢)
Current Affiliation : 聯發科 -> 工業技術研究院
Thesis : Distributed Channel-Aware Transmission Strategies for Cooperative and Cognitive Wireless Networks


MS 2024

Name:Yi-Hong Lin (林奕宏)
Thesis:Lifelong In-Networking Learning for the Internet-of-Things


Name:Yun-Chieh Liao (廖云婕)
Thesis:Robust Joint Beamforming and Estimation for Integrated Sensing and Communication in Multicell Networks

Name:Jiun-Han Lee (李俊翰)
Thesis:Efficient Data-Gathering in Space-Air-Ground Integrated IoT Networks

 Name:Hsin-Yu Su (蘇新友)

Thesis:Content Collaborative Caching with Predicted User Preference by Multi-task Federated Learning

MS 2023

Name:Bo-Wei Wang (王柏崴)
Thesis:Multi-Model Over-the-Air Federated Learning over Multiple Temporal Dimensions


Name:Po-Lin Lin (林柏霖)
Thesis:Enhancing the Robustness of Distributed Dictionary Learning for Heterogeneous Tasks

Name:An Chao (趙安)
Thesis:Improved and Scalable Deep Multicell Precoding Inspired by the WMMSE Algorithm

Name : Shu-Jung Hsu (許書容)
Affiliation : (待追蹤)
Thesis : Multimedia Content Recommendation and Caching by Multi-Task Federated Learning

MS 2022

Name:Chun-Chi Wang (王俊期)
Thesis:In-Network Learning via Over-the-Air Computation in Internet-of-Things

Name : Ting-Ya Lin (林葶亞)
Affiliation : (待追蹤)
Thesis : Improved Anchor-Representation for Distibuted Multi-view Subspace Clustering

MS 2021

Name:Xin-Ying Zheng (鄭心瀅)
Thesis:Wireless Knowledge Caching for Federated Learning

Name:Shih-Huan Yeh (葉時寰)
Thesis:UAV Trajectory Design for Data-Gathering using Over-the-Air Sensor Aggregation

Name:Hao-Tang Chang(張皓棠)
Thesis:Crowdsourcing of Reactors’ Labeled Multimedia Contents and Pairwise Comparison Rank Aggregation

Name:You-Te Huang (黃有德)
Thesis:Distributed Dictionary Learning over Heterogeneous Clients using Local Adaptive Dictionaries


Name : An-An Lee (李安安)
Affiliation : (未公開)
Thesis : Deep CSI Compression and Coordinated Precoding for Multicell Downlink System

Name : Yun-Lin Tsai (蔡昀霖)
Affiliation : 聯發科
Thesis : Dynamic Pruning and Expansion for Federated Multitask Learning

Name : Cheng-Yuan Cheng (鄭澄遠)
Affiliation : 聯發科
Thesis : Distributed Multi-View Subspace Clustering with Linear and Nonlinear Self-Representation

MS 2019

Name : Tze-Shen Chen (陳則伸)
Affiliation : 中研院研替 ->華碩 ->聯發科
Thesis : Gait Phase Segmentation using Weighted Dynamic Time Warping and k-Nearest Neighbor Graph Embedding

Name : Wen-Pei Lan (藍文培)
Affiliation :  瑞昱
Thesis :  Distributed Matrix Factorization with Finite-bit Quantization and Communication Censoring

Name : Wen-Yang Chen (陳文揚)
Affiliation :  美光
Thesis :  Ranking by Workers’ Specialty in a Crowdsourced Setting

MS 2018

Name : De-Hui Chen (陳德暉)
Affiliation :  (待追蹤)
Thesis : Cognitive Multi-Level Secrecy Guarantees for Device-to-Device Communications

Name : Chie-Yu Cheng (鄭捷予)
Affiliation :  (未公開)
Thesis : Deep Learning Based Source-Channel Coding for Image Classification over Relay Channels

MS 2017

Name : Ying-Cun Chen (陳映存)
Affiliation :  (未公開)
Thesis : Wiretap Channel with Shared Secret Key and Side Information at the Transmitter

MS 2016

Name : Jyun-Yang Wang (王俊揚)
Affiliation : 中華電信
Thesis : HVAC Set-point Temperature Control for Energy Saving and Individual User Preference

Name : Che-Yuan Hu (胡哲源)
Affiliation : 工業技術研究院 -> 聯發科
Thesis : Multiuser Hybrid Beamforming for Non-orthogonal Multiple Access in Millimeter Wave Systems

Name : Lanjie Shi (石蘭潔)
Affiliation : (未公開)
Thesis : Coordinated Beamforming and Power Allocation for Multicell Non-orthogonal Multiple Access Systems

Name : Yu-An Chen (陳昱安)
Affiliation : 中華電信研究所
Thesis : Uplink Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access in Multicell Systems under Pilot Contamination

Name :Chia-Yu Liu (劉家瑀)
Affiliation : CloudMile
Thesis : Physical Layer Security Key Generation for Jamming-Resilient Frequency-Hopping Systems

MS 2015

Name :Jun Wang (王駿)
Affiliation : (未公開)
Thesis : Distributed Estimation with Digital Forwarding in Energy-Harvesting Wireless Sensor Networks

Name :Ting-Hsing Wang (王鼎鑫)
Affiliation : 慧蓉
Thesis : Learning-Based Energy Management Policy with Battery Depth-of-Discharge Considerations

MS 2014

Name :Ling-Ming Huang (黃霖銘)
Affiliation : 中科院研發替代役
Thesis : Clustered Vector Quantization Scheme for Physical Layer Secret Key Generation

Name :Pei-Shan Yu (余佩珊)
Affiliation : 華碩
Thesis : Traffic Offloading in Energy Harvesting Heterogeneous Networks

Name :Shih-Ying Chen (陳仕穎)
Current Affiliation : 中研院研發替代役
Thesis : Gibbous: A Probabilistic Full-Duplex Medium Access Control Protocol

Name :Chih-Ta Huang (黃致達)
Affiliation : 聯發科研發替代役
Thesis : Day-Ahead Pricing and Scheduling with Uncertainty of Load and Renewable Energy Sources

MS 2013

Name : Yuan-Hsi Cheng (鄭元熙)
Affiliation : 華碩研發替代役
Thesis : Distributed Estimation with Analog Forwarding Transmissions in Energy-Harvesting Wireless Sensor Networks

Name : Jui-Pang Wang (王睿邦)
Affiliation : 宏達電
Thesis : Exploiting Channel and Energy State Information for Coverage and Throughput Enhancement in Renewable Energy Empowered Small Cell Networks

Name : Hsueh-Chien Chen (陳學謙)
Affiliation : 聯發科研發替代役
Thesis : Day-Ahead and Online Scheduling for In-Home Energy Usage in the Smart Grid

Name : Li-Ren Chen (陳立人)
Affiliation : 華碩研發替代役
Thesis : On the Optimality of Secrecy Beamforming in the Multiple-Input Single-Output Single-Antenna Eavesdropper Scenario with Only Channel Direction Information at the Transmitter

MS 2012

Name : Yu-Ching Chen (陳予勁)
Affiliation : 普安研發替代役
Thesis : Artificial Noise Design for Two-Way Training Based Discriminatory Channel Estimation in Wireless MIMO Systems

Name : Cheng-Lin Hsieh (謝政霖)
Affiliation : 華碩研發替代役
Thesis : Max-Min SINR Based Power Control in Cognitive Radio and Relay Systems

Name : Kuan-Chieh Kuo (郭冠杰)
Affiliation : 台灣國際航電(Garmin)
Thesis : Opportunistic Multicast Scheduling with Multiple Multicast Groups in Multicell MIMO Networks

Name : Hou-Tung Li (李後彤)
Affiliation : 惠普
Thesis : Secret Key Generation with Correlated Channels Using Vector Quantization

MS 2011

Name : Yi-Hua Lin (林依樺)
Affiliation : 台積電
Thesis : Desynchronization of Pulse Coupled Oscillators: Generalized Criteria and Practical Considerations

Name : Meng-Hsi Chen (陳孟羲)
Affiliation : PhD student in University of Toronto -> 聯發科
Thesis : Cooperative Networks in the Presence of Malicious Relays: A Game Theoretic Study

Name : Chao-Wei Huang (黃昭瑋)
Affiliation : 聯發科
Thesis : Two-Way Training Design for Discriminatory Channel Estimation in Wireless MIMO Systems

MS 2010

Name : Yu-Xiang Zeng (曾裕翔)
Affiliation : N/A
Thesis : Iterative Phase Noise Estimation and Mitigation in OFDM Systems Using Subspace-Based Pilot-Insertion Methods

Name : Chih-Yu Hsu (徐志宇)
Affiliation : 晨星
Thesis : Channel and Sensing Aware Channel Access Policy for Multi-Channel Cognitive Radio Networks

Name : Po-Chun Fang (方博雋)
Affiliation : 華碩
Thesis : Multi-Antenna Multicasting with Opportunistic Multicast Scheduling and Optimized Space-Time Transmission

Name : Ching-Liang Eric Chang (張景量)
Affiliation : 晨星
Thesis : Subspace-Based Sidelobe Suppression and Rate Maximization for OFDM Cognitive Radio

Name : Yung-Shun Wang (王永順)
Affiliation : 中研院研究助理 -> 清大博士班&中研院兼任研究助理
Thesis : Reduced-Rank Multiuser Relaying (RR-MUR) for Cooperative Uplink CDMA Networks

Name : Li Jie (李诘)[Exchange Student]
Affiliation : 上海愛立信
Thesis :

MS 2009

Name : Chen-Wei Cheng (鄭呈緯)
Affiliation : 安國
Thesis : Pilot-Embedded Channel Estimation for Space-Time Coded Cooperative Relay Networks

Name : Ya-Lan Liang (梁雅嵐)
Affiliation : 凌陽電通(恆通) -> 聯詠
Thesis : On the Impact of Quantized Channel Feedback in Guaranteeing Secrecy with Artificial Noise

Name : An-Dee Lin (林安笛)
Affiliation : PhD student in NTU
Thesis : Exploiting Multiuser Diversity in Random Access Cooperative Networks

Name : Chih-Hsin Lin (林志勳)
Affiliation : 晨星
Thesis : On the Efficiency of Distributed Source Coding in Random Access Sensor Networks

MS 2008

Name : Bo-Yu Chang (張博裕)
Affiliation : 宏達電
Thesis : Data-Driven Communications for Consensus Decision-Making in Wireless Sensor Newtworks

Name : Tse-Yao Chang (張則堯)
Affiliation : 瑞昱研發替代役
Thesis : Exploiting Data-Dependent Transmission Control and MAC Timing Information for Distributed Detection in Sensor Networks

Name : Nguyen Thanh Chuyen (阮成專)
Affiliation : Lecturer in Institute of Electronics and Telecommunications Hanoi University of Science and Technology
Thesis : Distributed Learning for Localization Applications in Wireless Sensor Networks

Name : Tsang-I Shen (沈倉億)
Current Affiliation : 聯發科
Thesis : Optimal Resource Allocation for Two-User Multiple Access Fading Channels with and without Cooperation

Name: Yu-Chin Wu (吳宜真)
Affiliation: 凌陽電通(恆通) -> 聯詠
Thesis: Channel Estimation for Distributed Space-Time Coding in Amplify-and-Forward Cooperative Relay Network為

Communication Design for Federated Learning (應用於通訊技術的聯邦式學習)